Tutoring Services

Some students and parents request individual/private tutoring to support watching the online video course.  Others prefer the entire program to be presented live without use of the videos.  We make personal tutoring available in a variety of formats and customize each student’s program based on personal needs.

Each student’s tutoring plan is based on past performance and the student’s goals and aspirations.  We use actual SAT/ACT scores and a highly effective math diagnostic to determine a student’s initial abilities.  We then develop a personalized approach that is designed to efficiently and effectively raise the student’s score.

Tutoring sessions are two hours in length and the number of sessions ranges from one session to as many as 15.  Six to eight sessions is fairly typical.

Live, in-person tutoring appointments can be made in select locations.  The great majority of tutoring is provided via Skype.


Live, In-person: $200.00/hour ($400.00 per session) with The SAT & ACT Wizard

Online: $150.00/hour via Skype with The SAT & ACT Wizard

Live, In-person: $150.00/hour ($300 per session) with one of our experienced, proven teachers

Online: $100.00/hour via Skype with one of our experienced, proven teachers

All tutoring is provided by appointment only.  The fees are paid in advance via PayPal using a credit card.  Appointments may be postponed 48 hours in advance without penalty.  Missed appointments without notification 48 hours in advance receive no rescheduling privilege.

To discuss tutoring options or to schedule an appointment, contact Bob Alexander at (407) 497-1102 or Dr. Sharon Alexander at (407) 808-8615.

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