Some students and parents request individual or small-group (2-6 students), private tutoring to support watching the online video course.  Others prefer the entire program to be presented live without use of the videos.  We make personal tutoring available in a variety of formats and customize each student’s program based on personal needs.

Bob (Wizard) and Dr. A have limited time available for private tutoring.  In addition, we have a cadre of experienced and excellent tutors that can assist you.  In addition, our online, group classes are limited to 12 students and are very effective.

Each student’s tutoring plan is based on past performance and the student’s goals and aspirations.  We use actual SAT/ACT scores, a student’s performance in math classes and English classes, performance on other standardized tests and an individualized assessment to determine a student’s initial abilities.  We then develop a personalized approach that is designed to efficiently and effectively raise the student’s scores.

Live, in-person tutoring appointments can be made in select locations.  Tutoring is provided primarily via the Internet: Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.


Tutoring is paid for in advance for an initial, minimum 4-hour block of time.  Subsequent blocks are paid for based on the progress and needs of the student.  The individual sessions vary in length based on the needs of the student.  The sessions can vary in length from 15 minutes to an hour.

We use a sliding scale based on household income to determine our hourly rate.  If you are interested in private tutoring, please contact us and we will discuss our sliding scale.

Appointments and Scheduling:

All tutoring is provided by appointment only.  The fees are paid in advance for each block of time.  Appointments may be postponed 24 hours in advance without penalty.  Missed appointments without notification 24 hours in advance are considered a 30-minute use of our time against any balance for the block of time paid for.

To discuss tutoring options or to schedule an appointment, contact Bob Alexander at (407) 497-1102.