SATs of the SAT

Substance (≈15%)

Math facts (Use the Math Diagnostic Test.)
Vocabulary and Reading Knowledge
Essay structure and Grammar Knowledge

“Wiz-dom” on Substance

Analytical Skills (≈80%)

Understanding the Question
Recognizing “Nonsense” Answers
Identifying the Best Answer

“Wiz-dom” on Analytical Skills

Test-taking Skills (≈5%)

Target Scores:

“Wiz-dom” on Target Scores

Know the directions:

“Wiz-dom” on Know the Directions


“Wiz-dom” on Pacing/Timing

Question Arrangement:

“Wiz-dom” on Question Arrangement

Move On:

“Wiz-dom” on Move On

Skipping Around:

“Wiz-dom” on Skipping Around

Bubble Wizardry:

“Wiz-dom” on Bubble Wizardry


“Wiz-dom” on Relax

Eating and Drinking for Success:

“Wiz-dom” on Eating and Drinking for Success

Dressing for Success

“Wiz-dom” on Dressing for Success


“Wiz-dom” on Warm-ups

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