Population Problems

Words of “Wiz-dom”The test writer likes to ask a question or two about groups and how they overlap. They are usually groups of people but they may be rabbits or even inanimate objects. There will be two or three groups in the population and each group will have a unique characteristic and something they have in common with others. Take your time and try the following.

At Gargoyle High there are 150 juniors who are registered for chemistry, physiology or both. There are a total of 200 enrollments who are juniors in these two science classes. Students who take physiology, must be registered in chemistry.

Answer the following questions. If you don’t have enough information, put an “II” for “insufficient information” for your answer.

How many juniors take either chemistry or physiology? Answer #1

How many total enrollments in these two courses are there? Answer #2

How many take both? Answer #3

How many take only chemistry? Answer #4

How many take only physiology? Answer #5

Sample Questions

 8.  Of the quibellas that live in Wiz-land, 25 eat fish, 50 eat berries, and 5 eat at the local dump. 20 of the quibellas like a variety in their diet so they eat exactly two of the three delicacies. All the other quibellas limit themselves to only one culinary delight! How many quibellas live in Wiz-land?

Answer to Question #8

11.  On a 20-member baseball team, 10% are left-handed. Ten of the team members have brown hair. Half the left-handed players are blonde and the rest have brown hair. How many of the right handed players have brown hair?

Answer to Question #11

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