Pillar V: Remember the Right Answer is on the Page

Words of “Wiz-dom”-There are two ways to get a right answer. First, you know the vocabulary, or math concept and just do the problem and get the answer. That approach will get you a base score but not your potential score. You can raise your base score by improving your math knowledge and by having a stronger vocabulary. The difference between your base score and your potential score is influenced by your ability to get questions right when your substance can’t answer the question alone. You’ve got to use analytical skills. Some of these analytical or reasoning skills are based on using the structure of the Multiple Choice format. The right answer is right in front of you! This is when we go on a hunt for the right answers. They have certain characteristics as do wrong answers.

Let’s take a look at a few questions as examples of strategies you can use by remembering the correct answer is there. There are dozens of additional strategies you’ll learn as we go through the course.

Try your skills on this problem.

10.  A jar contains only dimes and quarters. If there are a total of 22 coins and their total value is $3.25, how many quarters are there?

(A) 7
(B) 8
(C) 9
(D) 10
(E) 11

 Answer to Question #10

Words of “Wiz-dom”-This same Pillar applies to reading sections as well. Without even reading the passage, analyze this Sentence Completion question. Draw a line through the answers that you can eliminate.

6.  Het tetrab arn ot strif seba twih ____________, tingardlece ish meho nur.

(A) revelry
(B) tokenism
(C) cynicism
(D) confidence
(E) security

Answer to Question #6

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