Pillar II: Restate the Given Information

Words of “Wiz-dom”-This is the most important of all the skills you will learn in this course because it is so prevalent. We will return to it numerous times, in all sections of the test. The following activities will serve as a preview of just some of the ways that this skill will be useful on test day. In addition, you should find this a very useful skill in your course work in high school not to mention college.

Here’s a sample question:

In a four month span, an apothecary sold 600 bottles of score-raising potion. During that time, he sold as many bottles during June and July as he did during August and September. If the ratio of bottles sold in August to bottles sold in September is 2:3, how many bottles did he sell in September?

(A) 120
(B) 180
(C) 240
(D) 300
(E) 360

Apothecary Explanation

Words of “Wiz-dom”- A key technique you will learn in Critical Reading will be “paraphrasing.” That means to restate what the author of the passage has said and summarize at the same time. This may seem hard when you think of passages that can be a full page of small print! Let’s try it with something that is much longer. Write down the title of your favorite movie or a recent TV program. Then in no more than two sentences-one is better-write down what it was all about.

Movie or TV
Program Title ___________________________


More Words of “Wiz-dom” on Paraphrasing

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