Most students have trouble with Percent questions because it has been a long time since they’ve had to do one!  When was the last time you did one?  So, let’s just clear some of the cobwebs and dust that have accumulated since the last time you had to do a Percent question.

The following two formulas are frequently taught to setup and solve percent questions.  Use the one that makes the most sense to you.  I suggest you learn them both and be flexible.  Sometimes one of them is easier than the other on different questions.  That is why practice is so important.  When you practice, you’ll learn which one works better in different situations.


What is 15% of 60?

15 is 60% of what number?

15 is what percent of 60?

More words of “Wiz-dom” on Percents

Sample Questions

10.  After raising the price of moat monsters 40%, the new price is $2.10 a pound. How much were they per pound before the price increase?

(A) $0.84
(B) $1.26
(C) $1.50
(D) $1.70
(E) $2.00

Answer to Question #10

20.  In The Wiz’s favorite robe shop the normal retail price is 80% more than the storeowner pays for the robes. During a sale, however, everything is discounted 30%. How much do the robes cost on sale, compared to the price the storeowner paid?

(A) 30% less
(B) 24% less
(C) 24% more
(D) 26% more
(E) 50% more

Answer to Question #20

18.  The price of ambrosia has increased 300% during the last 25 years. If the current price of ambrosia is $3.00 per pound, how much did they cost per pound 25 years ago?

(A) $0.75
(B) $1.00
(C) $1.25
(D) $1.50
(E) $2.00

Answer to Question #18

16.  The Wizmobile used to get 16 miles per gallon of fuel. After being tuned up, it now gets 125% of what it got before the tune up. How many miles per gallon does it get after the tune up?

(A) 12.8
(B) 18.5
(C) 20
(D) 36
(E) 40

Answer to Question #16

13.  In the 1200 square foot castle grand entry hall, the floor is covered by tiles that are each two square feet in area. 24 of the tiles are broken and must be replaced. What percent of the entry hall floor must be replaced?

(A) 2
(B) 4
(C) 24
(D) 40
(E) 48

Answer to Question #13

6.  Darrell wants to buy his first car, a used “Firebreathing Rubberburner.” The sticker price is $5,000 but the salesperson gives him a 20% discount to lower his purchase price. Darrell has to pay 20% of the discounted purchase price in “taxes, tags, and fees.” How many dollars does Darrell need?

(A) 4,000
(B) 4,400
(C) 4,800
(D) 5,000
(E) 6,000

Answer to Question #6

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