Words of “Wiz-dom”—There are a few basic rules about exponents that we need to review before we do a few sample problems.  Do these review exercises, then we’ll get into how your opponent wants you to think.

Remember: Numbers have both positive and negative square roots. Memorize the squares of 1 through 15 and cubes through 5. You’ll be happy you did.



Answers to the questions on exponents

2.  (5 – 2)3 =

(A) 35 – 32
(B) 53 – 23
(C) 25 -4
(D) 33
(E) 8 – 5

Answer to question #2

13. If and what is the value of xz?

(A) 3.5
(B) 9
(C) 14
(D) 21
(E) 24

Answer to question #13

12.  If t is a negative fraction, which answer below must be true?

(A) t3>t2>t
(B) t2>t>t3
(C) t2>t3>t
(D) t>t2>t3
(E) t3>t>t2

Answer to question #12

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