Six Pillars of Test-taking “Wiz-dom”

Six Pillars of Test-taking “Wiz-dom”

Words of “Wiz-dom”—The Pillars of Test-taking “Wiz-dom” evolved from the collective insight of numerous highly successful test prep teachers and test takers. Contrary to what you might believe, there are not dozens of techniques, strategies and tricks that are all unrelated to each other. You only need to employ six basic test-taking principles to raise your score. This course will help you master these fundamental skills: the “Pillars of Test-taking Wiz-dom.”

I. Use the Structure of the Test

You need to learn how the test is structured. All ACTs look alike. You can be confident that there will be no surprises when it comes to how the test is organized. In addition to raising your confidence, knowing the structure of the test is going to raise your score!

II. Restate the Given Information

This Pillar is the most important one of all. You can use it for any question type. Being able to convert how a test writer phrases a question into your own words is essential to success. You will learn how to read between the lines and clarify the underlying meaning of what the test writers tell you.

III. Use What You Know

The test writers and colleges view this as a test of your analytical skills. They want to find out if you know how to use the information that you’ve been taught in school. You’ll raise your score because you’ll know how to think like the test writer expects you to think.

IV. Focus on What the Question Asks

This Pillar is at the root of some of the most common mistakes made by test takers. Don’t be the victim of one of them. The “untrained” brain predicts what the question is going to ask based on years of experience with teacher-made tests. The “trained” brain (which you’ll have by test time) knows better.

V. Remember the Right Answer Is on the Page

The right answer is right in front of you. You’ve just got to find it. It’s like an Easter Egg Hunt. You might go directly to the Golden Egg. On the other hand, your score will go up when you can’t answer the question directly but you go on the hunt, eliminating answers until you’re left with the right one or a few possible ones from which you can guess.

VI. Don’t Be Intimidated by the Seemingly Difficult

Test writers can be mentally intimidating! Don’t let them have this edge. A facade of apparently indecipherable material camouflages a plethora of facile interrogatories. (Apply Pillar II and restate the previous sentence: ACT test writers can make the easiest questions look hard.) You’ll learn what to do when confronted by apparently very difficult material.

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