Pillar II: Restate the Information

Words of “Wiz-dom”—You will see that this Pillar applies to all parts of the ACT. “Restating” is the most important strategy to use during the test.


Words of “Wiz-dom”—This is the ultimate “restating” test. Most questions on the English Test ask if you need to restate the underlined words in a passage and, if so, how. For example,


Rons Dive Shop 1 is the best place to take scuba lessons. His 2 reputation for providing a long established credible 3 program is known throughout this part of the state.
B. Ron’s Dive Shop
C. Rons’ Dive Shop
D. Ronses Dive Shop
F. Their
G. It’s
H. Its
B. long established and credible
C. long-established, credible, and believable
D. long-established, credible

Answers for questions 1, 2, and 3


Words of “Wiz-dom”—You will have to restate given information. In some cases, you may need to draw a diagram or develop an algebra equation based on information given in a word problem. In other cases, you may simplify an algebra expression. Using a common formula, you may have to restate some given infor- mation: such as: given a radius of a circle, what is the diameter?


1. In a four month span, an apothecary sold 600 bottles of score-raising potion. During that time, he sold as many bottles during June and July as he did during August and Sep- tember. If the ratio of bottles sold in August to computers sold in September is 2:3, how many bottles did he sell in September?A. 120
B. 180
C. 240
D. 300
E. 360

Answer for math question #1


Words of “Wiz-dom”— Again, nothing new will be found here. Paraphrasing is a major strategy when it comes to the Reading Test. Capturing the main idea or big picture from the passage as a whole is important. Being able to restate the author’s words into your own will help your score a great deal.

It may seem difficult to paraphrase the topic of what seem to be long passages on the ACT to a sentence. However, it’s easier than you may think. Let’s try doing it with something a little easier.

What is the title of a recent movie or TV show you enjoyed? ________________________
In a sentence (or two), write down a summary of the show.

Words of “Wiz-dom” on Reading

Embryology, the study of development from the time of conception until birth, is a fascinating field. When a sperm and ovum unite, they form one individual cell that continuously multiplies. By the time of birth, a human has become literally billions of cells. Each one has developed its own special purpose. Some become nerves, some hair, some blood, and dozens of other destinies. While most people take this specialization for granted, one great mystery of embryology is how did each cell know what path it should take?
1. What would be a good title for this passage?
A. The Miracle of Birth
B. Life Before Death
C. A Day in the Life
D. One Beginning, Many Endings
2. Based on the last sentence, with which of the following statements would the author most likely agree?
F. The specialization of cells is a well-understood phenomenon.
G. The general public hasn’t given much thought to cell specialization.
H. The study of life before birth is less interesting than other biological studies.
J. A mystery novel focusing on cell pathways would be fascinating.

Answers for questions 1 and 2

Science Reasoning:

Words of “Wiz-dom”—It does not matter what the content is. You will need to be able to restate information given to you in the passages. In the Data Representation format, you will need to be able to convert information in charts and graphs into words and phrases. It will be similar to the Research Summary format. You need to convert experimental purposes, designs, results and conclusions into comprehensible materials so that you can answer the questions. You’ll even find yourself using many of the strategies that you learned for the Reading Test. You’ll need to paraphrase points of view in order to answer questions about comparing, contrasting, and responding to one author’s point of view using the perspective of another author.

Words of “Wiz-dom” on Science Reasoning

Month Average Hours of Sunlight Average High Temperature (degrees Fahrenheit)
January 8 55
March 9 62
May 11 71
July 11 79
September 9 73
November 8 64


1. Which month has the highest temperature for the number of hours of sunlight?
A. May
B. July
C. September
D. November

Words of “Wiz-dom” for question #1

2. With which of the following is the data most consistent?
F. There is no relationship between the amount of sunlight and the average high temperature.
G. The temperature is partly determined by the amount of sunlight.
H. The temperature is completely determined by the amount of sunlight.
J. In October, the average high temperature should be about 72.

Words of “Wiz-dom” for science question #2

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