ACTs of the ACT

Words of “Wiz-dom”—You may be anxious to start working on one of the four tests that make up the ACT assessment. I encourage you to read through all the introductory materials before you do. If you just can’t wait, at least review the Pillars of Wiz-dom before you go on to the different sections of the test. If you skip this section, be sure to come back and review this section later. The test-taking skills are extremely important.

Analytical Skills (≈60%)

  • Logic
  • Cleverness
  • Insight
  • Application
  • Recognizing “Nonsense” Answers
  • Identifying the Best Answer

Words of “Wiz-dom” on “A”

Content (≈35%)

  • ~110 Math facts
  • Grammar Skills

Words of “Wiz-dom” on “C”

Introduction to “T”

Test-taking Skills (5-10%)

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