Online Course

This is the online course that started it all!  In 1997, our first student, a young woman from New York, said that our website “changed my life.”  She got into her first-choice college with a nice scholarship.  Our second student, a young man from Texas, wrote and told us that after taking an expensive commercial course his reading score didn’t improve but after learning the Wizard’s MOPP, FRaS, and PICK strategies, “My reading score went up over 100 points and I’m off to the Texas Tech.  How can I thank you?”  And the stories just kept coming.

A contribution of $25 per month will provide you access to this wonderfully inexpensive and powerful way to raise your scores.  It contains all the secrets that my live course provides–you just have to do a lot of reading.  However, it has the distinct advantage of allowing you to take the class anywhere you are in the world.  (Yes, we’ve had students from Europe, Asia, and Africa.) You can also set your own schedule.


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