Live Course Schedules

Fall 2020 Schedule:

Session A: August 22-October 11, Wednesday and Sundays 4:30-6:30pm

Session B: October 24-December 19, Wednesday and Sundays 4:30-6:30pm (Thanksgiving week is off.)

Live classes are  taught by Dr. Chanta Haywood and her staff.  She offered first sessions  in the summer of 2020 which were highly praised by both the students and parents.  I (Bob) was especially impressed by the number of parents who reported that their kids looked forward to class and were motivated to do their homework assignments.

In the Fall of 2019, Bob got to know Dr. Haywood when they worked together to tutor a student.  He was thoroughly impressed by her intellect, passion, and engaging teaching style.  Soon thereafter, Bob recognized that her experience and dedication to youth and their families made her an ideal  fit for the future he envisions for his program and services.

Consequently, he and his wife asked Chanta to become a partner and change the lives of teens together.  Dr. Haywood joined the team, and she and other test prep coaches conduct engaging Zoom courses enrolling students from coast to coast and abroad. Her expertise has expanded the program to include not only test prep, but many other skills that are vital to college success.

Dr. Haywood is a former university Vice-President and Graduate Dean who currently serves on the faculty at Florida State University in the School of Communication.  She owns and operates A.C.E. College Success Academy LLC,  which provides the CollegeSmartNow program created to assist students with the knowledge and skills required for college success.