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After serving as a director for the largest test-prep organization for four years, the Wizard realized there were some significant improvements that could be made to their approach.  He wrote his first book in 1995, and as a consultant for high schools, he began training teachers and showing students how to become better test takers.  School districts throughout Florida began using his course in their schools.

He soon started offering his course, Demystifying the SAT and ACT, in his community and quickly expanded to much of central Florida.  Without advertising and only accepting enrollments through word-of-mouth and personal referrals his classes are increasingly popular due to their track record of effectively raising student scores.

The course is offered in a number of different formats based on the requests made by parents and students.  Click on the button below and you will see a map of central Florida where his courses are offered and be able to download a schedule and registration form.

The Wizard offers his classes to support his non-profit education fund, The Mary Alice Fund.  (Refer to the related pages on the website.)  Rather than pay a standard tuition fee as you would with a commercial organization, you are asked to make a donation to the fund that is somewhat less than the normal fees you would pay to for-profit companies.  At the same time, our students experience comparable and better score improvements.

The Wizard realizes there are families that cannot make the full, requested contribution.  If you cannot afford to do so, please go the Mary Alice Fund page and complete an application for a partial or full scholarship to attend the program.

If you have any questions, please contact us.  One of my favorite things to do is answer your questions about the SAT and ACT.  Knowledge is power.

Maps and Schedules for Central Florida Locations

Registration Instructions:

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