SAT Question of the Day (plus ACT): Feb. 8, 2014

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The answer is E.  There are so many problems with the original compound sentence that it is screaming, “Fix me, fix me!”  “So” means “because” and this sure isn’t a “cause and effect” relationship that is being described by the sentence.   Answer B is wrong because there is no “but” about it that makes sense.  Answer C is still a compound sentence, so you need a conjunction or semi-colon.  Answer D doesn’t make sense because “although” does not logically connect the two parts of the sentence.  Answer E is nice because the introductory adjectival clause describes the Asiatic lions and uses the proper punctuation, a comma.

Let’s see what the ACT folks have for us today.

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I’m not silently “mouthing the word ‘no.'”  I’m screaming it!  I’ve seen this question so many times that I’m yelling out my back door.  I don’t even need to read the passage to answer it.  C’mon ACT guys, help us out here.  Develop some new questions.  No wonder your QotD isn’t very popular.

The answer is J.  Using PICK, you can eliminate the other three answers because they either add to or disagree with what we are told in the passage.  Let’s review.  The “I” in PICK stands for “insertable.”  The other three answers don’t insert or fit.  For a complete explanation of PICK, read my free website or watch Video #305 of the Demystifying the SAT & ACT: Anytime, Anywhere program.

If you are a sports or extravaganza enthusiast, I hope you are enjoying the Olympics.  Too bad the technology failed and one of the 5 rings didn’t work during the opening ceremonies.  Do you know what the 5 different colors in the Olympic rings represent?  If not, tune in tomorrow or look it up if you are really curious.

Enjoy your day.

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