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The answer is D.  This error is high on the list of common mistakes that you will see on the test: pronoun-antecedent agreement.  There are variations of the issue and you can review them for free on my website or watch Video #9.  For this question, the problem is the pronoun and antecedent (the word that is represented by the pronoun); both have to be singular or plural.  The antecedent is manner which is singular; therefore, the pronoun has to be singular.  The current pronoun those is plural.  Oops!  It would need to be changed to the singular pronoun that.

I want you to find a list of the common errors that show up on the test.  Doing so is similar to reviewing the math concepts that you are expected to know.  It must be done if you expect to raise your scores.  Once you have reviewed the content, practice using the knowledge base in the context of actual SAT and ACT questions.  You will soon discover that even though you have mastered the knowledge, you are still missing questions.  It is the way the questions are asked that causes most students to miss the questions.  You should seek out someone who can help you recognize how you made your mistakes and adjust your test-taking strategies so that you don’t repeat them on test day.

Let’s see what the ACT folks have for us today.

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The answer is A.  For the product of the multiplication to be negative (<0), you have to multiply a positive and a negative number.  The absolute value of b-2 has to be positive and that means a has to be negative.  Answers A and B are the only ones with a negative value for a.  For answer B, if b=2 the absolute value is 0, which isn’t positive.  That leaves you with A.

As with the SAT question this morning, it is important to get a list of the concepts that show up on the test.  The easiest way to get the list of math concepts is to take the free diagnostic test on my website.  As a bonus, you will also discover which ones you need to review!  The diagnostic report will give you a comprehensive list of what math to expect on test day.  It is going to be well worth your time.

Gosh, it’s already hump day!  The rest of the week is all down hill from here.  Enjoy.

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