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The answer is D.  They sure are being nice this morning and giving us an easy question.  84% of the students are getting it right.  The proper word to use when comparing two items is “as” because it is an adverb indicating degree.  This sentence means the two continents are not equally mountainous.

Let’s see what the ACT folks have for us today.

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The answer is B.  This question reminds us of some major differences between the SAT and ACT.  The ACT will have detail questions while the SAT has very few, if any.  I suspect nobody saw any on yesterday’s test.  That makes the ACT easier for some students but harder for others.  You may wonder why detail questions are harder.  It is because the answers are harder to find.

The SAT gives you line references for the large majority of questions.  I would estimate 80%.  The ACT gives you relatively few references, certainly less than 50% and often less than 40%.  They aren’t going to tell you where to go find answers to detail questions.  Today’s Question of the Day is a perfect example.  That’s exactly what makes it hard.  You will be spending a long time looking for the answer, especially when it is a Roman Numeral Question because you have three answers to find.  You only have 35 minutes to read 4 passages and answer 40 questions.  Time becomes the challenge.

In this example, the answer isn’t even in the paragraph describing compurgation starting on line 23.  It is in the paragraph about ordeals.  The first sentence starting in line 36 tells us that ordeals were for more serious crimes which means that compurgation was for less serious crimes (Roman Numeral II).  The other answers (I and III) are not insertable and violate the Wizard’s Checklist rules.  (Refer to Video #3.)

Enjoy your day.  Do something for yourself!

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