SAT Question of the Day (ACT too!): Nov. 22, 2013

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This is an easy question; most students are getting this question right.

The answer is D.  Using my strategy, I can see the topic of the sentence is about a judgment being made early, “before all the facts are known.”   I predicted “premature” and there it was among the answers.  All done.

Always remember the right answer is going to be consistent with the topic of the sentence.  Use the topic to eliminate the answers that are words that don’t fit with the topic.  You will eliminate silly mistakes if you use this strategy.

Let’s see what the ACT folks have for us this morning.

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This question was just on the website a few weeks ago.  It is sure frustrating to keep seeing the same questions.  I know the ACT folks are making lots of money.  They can certainly afford to program some different QotD items.

The answer is K.  If you multiply the left side of the equation you get 3x – 12 which is the same as the right side of the equation.  The -12 cancels from both sides as does the 3, leaving you with x = x.  Any number you substitute for x solves the equation.  That was sure easy or was it because I just did this question about two weeks ago?

Don’t forget the historical significance of today.  When President Kennedy was assassinated, I was sitting in my high school physics class.  The world changed in a flash.  You may remember where you were on 9/11.  Your world changed in a flash.  Shattering events occur when we are least expecting them.  Be strong.  Embrace one another for support.  Life will be fine but just different.

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