SAT Question of the Day (ACT too!): Nov. 15, 2013

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The answer is D.  The test writers do a good job of explaining this question the math teacher way and for most of you who have had functions in your math class that will be the best way to do the question.  I suggest you read it.

I did it by plugging in numbers and solving the function.  No matter what you plug in for x, y has to be greater than 0 (c=+1 in the function) which means A and C are out.  (That is supported by the minimum of those functions being +1 as explained by the test writer.)  Answer B is eliminated because if x is 2 or greater, y has to be negative and there are no negative points for the function (graph).  For Answer E, if x is negative (-2, for example), you get a different value for y than when x is the positive value for the same number (+2).  Therefore, the graph cannot be symmetrical.  Answer D always worked for the numbers I plugged in.

Let’s see what the ACT folks have for us this morning.

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The answer is F.  PICK wins again!  Always start doing reading questions by trying to Insert them into the passage.  If they don’t fit, they are wrong.  The judge’s role is described in lines 76-87.   F fits without adding to or disagreeing with the passage.  All the other answers disagree with what the passage says.  For Answer G, the proceedings were always the same; so, the judge didn’t decide that.  H and J clearly disagree with what the passage says.  That leaves F.  All done.

Be sure to practice PICK.  It is the quickest, most efficient way to find the best answers.  Video #4 and my website explain it.  You have to practice it because you need to see dozens of questions that provide you examples as this morning’s ACT Question of the Day does.

Always keep in mind that you can’t change the past.  Do what is right the first time because even sincere apologies cannot change harm that has been done.

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