SAT Question of the Day (ACT too!): Feb. 26, 2014

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The answer is D. The sentence attempts to compare the two sisters, Heather and Joanne. Right now it is comparing Heather to “Joanne’s fear,” not Joanne herself.  We need to make “Joanne” the subject of the sentence so that the sentence is comparing two nouns, the sisters.

What can you learn about the test from this sentence.  One of the major topics that shows up on both the SAT and ACT is parallel structures.  This is just one example of how they are going to challenge you with this basic grammar rule.  Sometimes they will have questions about parallel verb forms as well as other compositional constructions.  I recommend you visit the website  It is a great grammar and composition review and the section on parallelism is especially good.

I wonder what the ACT folks have up their sleeves this morning!

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The answer is F.  The preceding sentence mentions names that are “legends” and the following sentence gives specific examples of baseball players that are modern-day baseball “heroes.”  Answer F provides us with a link between the two.  The other sentences are off topic.

Many, if not most, students tell me that they are not getting any structured instruction in grammar or composition.  They report that it is somehow blended into their literature course.  That doesn’t work for most of my students and they find that a solid, focused review of grammar and composition has helped improve their SAT English Test and/or ACT Writing Test scores.

There’s a two-step process that can make a difference for you.  Begin by reviewing my free website chapter or the 900 Video series to see a list of rules and related errors the test writers include on the test.  I even provide you with examples of each problem.  Then you need to do a structured, systematic review.  My students have reported that is very helpful.  Give it a try.

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