SAT & ACT Question of the Day: Mar. 4, 2014

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The answers is D.  Parallel structures appears again.  This is a test writer favorite and just may be the #1 mistake you’ll have to recognize on the test.  You can see that there is a “both/and” construction and whatever follows each of them must be parallel.   Because “and television programmers” is not underlined, you have to take it as accurate.  It isn’t preceded by an article.  However, “both the audiences” is preceded by an article which makes it non-parallel.  There’s the problem.

What you should remember about the test from this question is that parallel structures is a major composition error on the tests.  Be looking for it.

I wonder if the ACT folks have something new for us this morning.

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The answer is B.  Both lines 16 and 17 and lines lines 60 and 61 answer the question.  All the other answers disagree with the story which  keeps them from being insertable.  When you cannot insert an answer without changing the passage, the answer is simply wrong.

This is a nit-picking detail question.  They will be a big challenge on test day because it takes so much time to find the answer.  Be sure you use my FRaS strategy when reading the passage.  Reading the topic sentences of each paragraph will help you discover the organization of the passage and help you to look back at the passage quickly to find the answers.

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