SAT & ACT Question of the Day: Apr. 8, 2014

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This is going to be quick because I’m on  a wifi and running out of battery!

The answer is E.  The topic leads us to understand the critics were upset, incensed, about what the producers did.  So, they felt exactly the opposite of what the producers were doing.  I predicted words that indicated they had opposite feelings.   Purists want things the way they’ve always been and people who reinterpret would change things.  That would certainly aggravate the critics.  All done.

The batter is still good (9%); so let’s take a look at the ACT!

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The answer is D.  You need to memorize the basic equation for circles.  Be sure to review it and related equations using my ACT materials that list the ones you need to memorize (and doesn’t include anything that never shows up on the test).  The right side of the circle equation in this case, 9, is the square of the radius.  So, you simply need to multiply 9 times pi.  Answer D.

This question is a good reminder of a major difference between the ACT and SAT.  The SAT provides you with formulas for geometry figures.  For the ACT, you have to memorize everything.   All the formulas I’ve ever seen that were required by the ACT in the last 24 years are included in my program materials.

Fantastic.  The battery is still good.

Have a great day!

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