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The answer is D.  The test writer’s explanation is a little simplistic.  The real problem is that as it is written “both” only refers to Morrison!  Who’s the other person?  It would have been fine to have written “Morrison received both popular and critical acclaim.”  However, that’s not a choice.  B has the same problem as the original sentence.  C has an unnecessary comma and is awkward.  E has an unnecessary “also.”  D avoids all those issues and makes the meaning of the sentence clear.  It is also short and to the point.  I like it and so would Ms. Murphy!  (She was my 9th grade English teacher who could teach English to a fencepost if she had that fencepost’s undivided attention!)

Let’s see what the ACT folks have for us this morning.

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Hey, ACT guys didn’t you sell enough tests last year?  You made over $50,000,000 just selling ACT registrations.  Certainly that’s enough to add some new questions to your website.  I don’t even have to read the passages anymore.  This question has shown up way too often; get some new material.  Maybe you’ll get students to come back and check out your QotD.  Right now they quit because they get tired of seeing the same stuff all the time.

The answer is H.  Use the Insertable component of my PICK strategy.  (See Video #3 for a complete explanation or refer to my free website.)  When you insert the answers into the passage F, G, and J don’t fit.  They add to or disagree with the passage.  H fits just fine.  Check out lines 74-6.  You could insert “a private person” into those lines and it would fit perfectly.

Use my strategy to improve your speed when taking the test.  Don’t overthink the answers.  Simply use PICK and you’ll not only get faster but also improve your score.

If you have an extra day off this weekend, enjoy.  You deserve an “atta boy” for spending some of it working on your SAT and/or ACT score.

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