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After a delay, their website is now up and running.

As usual, focus on the topic of the sentence.  There is a certain kind of critic who gets incensed/upset when something happens to classic plays.  “Purists” believe in staying pure to the original; so they would be upset when classics are changed or reinterpreted.

If you were stuck, try reading the sentence and plugging in answers.  All the others make no sense.

Let’s take a look at the ACT question.


This is a great question to use to discuss the fact that this is a “Science Reasoning Test” and not a “Science Knowledge Test.”  They start out with a stick that is 1 meter tall.  Just think about what would happen if you put your finger half way up the stick.  Where would the shadow of you finger be on the full length of the 1-meter stick’s shadow? Right–half way.  So, that’s where the end of the shadow of a half-meter stick would end.

Don’t worry about doing a big science review prior to taking the ACT Science Reasoning Test.  You should focus your practice on real ACT questions from the “Real ACT Prep Guide” and focusing on reading charts and graphs.  The other big issue on the test is the scientific process.  Make sure you understand the way scientists work and issues like independent and dependent variables.  There’s a good review in my ACT prep materials.  (As a former biology teacher, I am especially fond of this kind of stuff.)  Also, take a look at what I have to say about the proper order to do the science passages; it isn’t from the beginning to end in the test booklet.

Finally, work on your speed.  Many students, even top science students, report it is very difficult to finish on time.  You have to go fast.  You have 35 minutes to read the introductory information, look at the charts, and answer 40 questions.  Speed is an issue.

I hope my SAT and ACT Question of the Day strategies and explanations are helpful and, if so, spread the word. Tell your social media friends.

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