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This is pretty standard SAT stuff; they even have a predictable wrong answer. Follow my strategy of focusing on the topic of the sentence. It’s about having to update the electrical system; so the system is oldAntiquated (answer B) is the only word that has anything to do with old.  Rejuvenated is there for a great trap since it is the only answer that has something to do with age.  Since the test writers often put in an antonym for the right answer (rejuvenated in this case) just be careful.  You can actually use their propensity (tendency or habit) for including words that mean the opposite of the right answer as distractors (trap wrong answers) to find the right answer!  When there is one blank in the SAT Sentence Completion question and you see antonyms, one of them is very frequently the correct answer.  Just make sure you are following the logic of the sentence and pick the right one!

Let’s take a look at the ACT question.


The best answer is G–there’s no need to put in the useless, unnecessary commas after Coleman and license because they are separating the predicate (verb) of the sentence from the subject (noun).  Be sure you review the use of commas, colons, and semicolons since they are commonly tested on both the ACT and SAT.

If you are new to my blog, you need to hear my rant about the ACT directions for the English Test.  They tell you to read the whole passage before doing the questions.  Don’t do that; it wastes precious time.  Shame on the ACT folks for telling you to do that.  This question is a perfect example.  I didn’t read anything but the sentence where #12 is and got it right.  It is very rare to need to read more than the sentence or one connected sentence to answer the question.  I don’t know why they put such awful advice in the directions.  Most students report needing more time on this section of the test and the ACT directions tell you to do something that slows you down even more!  Simply disregard their “directions.”

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