Happy Mother’s Day!!

The Wizard is taking the day off to spend more time with his wife, who has been a fantastic mom for our two kids.

Be sure to give a special “thanks for all you’ve done,” to the women in your life who have helped you along the way.

My mom is 89 and is still an inspiration to me!  Thanks, Mom.

About Bob Alexander

Bob has been a professional educator starting with teaching biology, becoming a school administrator, and then working as an education lobbyist in Washington, DC. He got his start in national testing by becoming a consulting test writer, later joining Kaplan as a director, and finally starting his own business in 1995. He has written numerous books, consulted for school districts and colleges, developed his website and been featured on a DVD set. He offers SAT and ACT prep classes and tutors individuals and small groups of students in central Florida.
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