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The answer is B.  Anytime you have to divide by 0, y is “not defined.”  That is because you cannot divide by 0.  So, just figure out how the denominator could be 0.  You know that 0 times anything is 0.  That means that if either binomial in the denominator is 0, then the whole denominator becomes 0 when you multiply the binomials times one another.  If x= -3, then the left-hand binomial is 0 and y is undefined, that’s Answer B.  Another possibility is if x=4, then the right hand binomial in the denominator is 0 and then the whole denominator when you multiply is 0.  So, 4 could be a right answer but it isn’t an option!

This question’s math isn’t hard; it was just a matter of knowing the definition of “undefined.”  You also needed to recognize a math concept that shows up a lot on the SAT and ACT: multiplication by 0.  (0 times anything is 0.)  Watch for it and you’re score will improve.

Let’s see what the ACT folks have for us this morning.

http://www.act.org/qotd/ (The ACT staff does not put a date on their questions so if you click on an archived blog, you’ll get today’s question and the old explanation. Sorry. The SAT staff has dated their questions; so, the archive is helpful. The ACT folks simply don’t do that.)

The answer is J.  This is not so much of a geometry question as it is a ratio question.  In fact, it is a “hybrid” between the two.  You have to know one of the Wizard’s Keys which is: “The key to all ratio questions is the sum of the parts.”  So, begin by adding 2+3+5 equals 10 parts.  The smallest angle is 2/10 or 1/5 of the whole.  The whole is 180 degrees. (That’s where the geometry comes in.)  2/10 or 1/5 of 180 degrees is 36.  All done.

Enjoy your Sunday.  I’m looking forward to both of my groups of students today and tutoring some individual students.  It is going to be a great day.  I hope yours is as rewarding.


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