ACT & SAT Question of the Day: Oct. 26, 2013

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The answer is B.  As always, start with determining the topic of the sentence.  What does the sentence tell you about the subject of the sentence (the “archaeologist)?  It says, “…she never stayed at any one site long…”  That is, she moves around a lot.  So, you need to predict a word or phrase that is consistent with that topic.  I predicted “moves around a lot.”  Then, looking at the answers, I saw nomadic.  All done.

If you didn’t know the word nomadic, which answers could you define well enough to eliminate?  You don’t need a specific definition.  You just need to know that a word isn’t related to “moving around a lot.”  You only have to eliminate one of the answers before you guess among the rest.

Let’s see what the ACT folks have for us today.

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The answer is C.  If I had only a few minutes to teach a student something that would raise his/her score the most, I’d teach them Insertable.  If you try to insert an answer into a passage and it doesn’t “fit,” then eliminate it.  Inserting answer C we don’t add anything new or disagree with the passage.  She looks ill (line #8) and tired (lines #31-2) and the answer fits just fine.  The other answers add to or disagree with what the passage says.

Using this strategy will improve your reading score on any reading test.  Not only will it help you sift through the wrong answers but it will also speed you up.  Research says many students waste time over-thinking answers and talk themselves into picking wrong answers–especially young women.  Avoid this test-taking error by using Insertable.  It will definitely raise your score.

Enjoy your Saturday.  If you are off to the ACT test today, I wish you the best of luck.  Of course, luck is preparation confronted by opportunity.  I hope my blog has helped you to be prepared.

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