ACT & SAT Question of the Day: May 11, 2014

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The answer is B.  There a couple ways to recognize this error.  First, one way is to realize “a member” is singular but it references both Cola auminata and Cola Nitida.  Therefore, member should be members.  Second, the easier way to recognize the error (but you don’t have to fix it) is to see that the verb that goes with member is the verb are which is a plural verb.  Therefore, we need a plural noun, members.

Let’s see what the ACT folks have for us today.

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Oh no, not this one again!  I should have archived my blog the last several times and it would have saved me the trouble of writing about it again.

The answer is H, carbon dioxide.  It isn’t so tough to look at the graph and see that we are looking for something that starts at 1, goes up to 3, and then comes back to 1.  Easy enough but that takes some students a while to do.  Remember that this test is about speed.  So, let’s do it the easy way.

Looking at the graph, we can see that at a depth of 0, the concentration for the correct item is 1.  Only carbon dioxide meets that requirement.  We are all done in a fraction of the time!

Very often when the test writers give you questions like this in which you have to compare two ways to present the same data, the easy way to do it is with one or two data points rather than the entire graph.  Take the short cut, save time, and get more questions correct!

QotD Words of “Wiz-dom”:

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