ACT & SAT Question of the Day: Apr. 03, 2014

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The answer is A.  “Except” doesn’t make any sense.  It is a poor word choice.  The sentence is about how the phonograph preserved the performances and voices of musicians and singers.  You need a phrase like “If it wasn’t for the phonograph,” or “Without the phonograph.”  Of course, you don’t have to fix the sentence.  This question format only requires you to identify the error.  So, don’t waste time trying to figure out a better way to write it; just recognize the error and move on.

I wonder if the ACT folks have something useful for us this morning.

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The answer is B.  This is another example of how important parallel structures are on the test.  You are given a subject of “she” for the sentence and then three verbs: “lined up,” “gave,” and “took.”  You don’t need to restate the subject for the second verb “gave.”  (Remember my blog from the other day–shorter is better.”)

I recommend you review parallel structures by going to  Spending a little time on that website will help you improve your ACT English Test score.

QotD Words of “Wiz-dom:”

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” ― Henry Ford

I start all of my teacher training programs with this quote.  It applies to all of us.  It is especially true for students who are preparing for the SAT and ACT tests.  You must believe in yourself.  If you keep thinking, “I’m not a good test taker,” you are going to be right.  You need to study and learn my strategies,  You must practice and see your performance improve.  Become more confident as you succeed.  Relish your errors and learn from them.  Focus on your improvements.  The key to your success is going to be changing bad habits and practicing new ones.  Then you must use the new ones until they are automatic.  That will improve your performance and get you to say, “I believe I can,” rather than, “I believe I can’t.”

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