SAT & ACT Question of the Day: Nov. 20, 2013

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The answer is B.  Do the Ms. Murphy strategy and get rid of all the extra words.  Doing so would leave you with, “The Sun…is thought that it has sufficient…”  The mistake jumps right out at you.  What “is thought?”  There’s a missing subject, probably it should be, “…and it is thought that…”  Or you could replace “that it has” with an infinitive structure, “to have.”  What’s nice is you don’t have to fix the mistake–just recognize it.  The original sentence is certainly awkward and unclear because “that it has” is a very poor compositional structure.

Let’s see what the ACT folks have for us this morning.

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The answer is B.  Be sure you pay careful attention to what figure the question refers to.  Often there are multiple charts/graphs/figures/diagram and it is very easy to refer to the wrong one.  I suggest you underline the figure reference in the question.  In this case, underline Figure 2 so that you use the right one.

The question is about the “summed diameter” and you can see from the key to the figure that the width of the bars is what is of interest to you.  Now look for the bars that show a “progressive increase…over the course of several years.”  Horse weed only shows up for one year–eliminate it.  Aster increases in one year and then decreases–eliminate it.  Broomsedge increases consistently in the figure, Answer B.

What can you learn about the science test by doing this question?  The test is about reading data.  It isn’t about reviewing science before the test because you certainly could never predict what content would be on the test.  You need to sharpen your data interpretation skills.  Watch Video #10 and take a look at the ACT Science section of my website to learn how to use the ACT graphs.  Get your hands on a bunch of actual ACT tests and practice reading and interpreting the graphs using my strategies.  Your Science Test score will certainly improve.

Get started on that assignment that is due in a few weeks.  Procrastination is the enemy!

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