Summer Schedule

I wrote the following a number of days ago but it didn’t post properly.  Sorry for the delay.

The testing season is behind us.  Students are through taking the SAT and ACT for this school year.

I’ve decided to take some time off from writing my “Question of the Day” blog until August.  That doesn’t mean you should quit looking at them.  They are a good way for you to remember that the tests will be there waiting for you in the fall!

If you see a question that is confusing or you would like to discuss it with me, please send me an email and I’ll take a look at it and post an explanation.  Be sure to tell me whether it is the ACT or SAT question and a date.  If it is the ACT question, I’ll have to see it that day or it is taken down by the ACT folks.  If it is an SAT question, I can retrieve it from their archives.

Of course, if you have any general questions about the test, I’m happy to respond.  Just send me an email.

Whenever you send me an email, be sure you use “SAT Class” as the subject.  If you don’t, my spam filters may send your email  to my junk folder.

I’ll be posting blogs about the SAT and ACT throughout the summer.  If you have any ideas about topics, please let me know.

Enjoy you summer.

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Bob has been a professional educator starting with teaching biology, becoming a school administrator, and then working as an education lobbyist in Washington, DC. He got his start in national testing by becoming a consulting test writer, later joining Kaplan as a director, and finally starting his own business in 1995. He has written numerous books, consulted for school districts and colleges, developed his website and been featured on a DVD set. He offers SAT and ACT prep classes and tutors individuals and small groups of students in central Florida.
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