SAT Question of the Day (ACT too!): May 27, 2014

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Reading this blog is 10% about learning how to answer today’s questions and 90% learning how to apply strategies and analyze questions you may see on test day.

The answer is E.  The comparison in the original sentence is wrong.  It compares “their Apache cousins” to “the language.”  Oops.  The language of the Navajo should be compared to the language of their Apache cousins.  Therefore, we need the pronoun “that” to represent “language.”  That makes the correct response, “that (the language) of their,” Answer E.

Let’s see what the ACT folks have for us today.

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The answer is C.  Over 80% of the questions on the ACT Reading Test can be answered by my “Insertable” strategy.  When you plug in the other answers, they either add to or disagree with the passage.  That makes them wrong.  Only Answer C fits into the passage without adding or disagreeing.

For a full explanation of this and the other reading strategies, read my free website or watch Video #305.

QotD Words of “Wiz-dom”:

Do you want to improve your skills related to some task?  Get competent help.  If you want to become a better athlete, you would want a coach.  If you want to become better at playing the piano, you would find a piano teacher.  If you want to become a better test taker, just taking practice tests won’t help.  As with sports and playing an instrument, you need to have somebody help identify what you are doing wrong and how to fix your mistakes.  When you are trying to become a better test taker, it isn’t sufficient to be able to re-do a missed question and get it correct the second time.  You have to learn what you did wrong the first time so that you won’t repeat your mistake.  Then you have to apply the new skill to similar questions.

It’s time to practice with the guidance of a competent test-taking expert, not simply a content instructor.  For example, I bet you read well enough to answer the ACT Reading question today.  However, it is becoming better at answering test questions that you need to improve.  It is test-taking and not reading skills that cause most students to miss questions on the reading test!

Bob Alexander, the “SAT and ACT Wizard”

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