Breakfast Before the Test

OMG!  I just was reading a test prep teacher’s advice about what to eat for breakfast on test day.  The advice is all wrong.  It says, “Eat a substantial breakfast.”  That gives me visions of exactly what not to do:  Go to McD’s and eat an Egg McMuffin with cheese and sausage then wash it down with milk or go to IHOP and stoke up on pancakes, eggs, and bacon.  Those substantial breakfasts are the worst things you can eat.  Your body will be spending the next few hours focusing on digesting all that stuff and sending your blood to your stomach and not your brain.

Here’s what research and nutritionists have to say about food and brain power.  Eat some granola that has dried fruit and nuts in it.  (I even add dried cranberries–craisins–and sliced almonds.)  Put some yogurt (preferably Greek) on top and add some slices of banana.  If that’s a little dry for you, use some low-fat milk to moisten it up.  Drink fruit juice and avoid those with high-fructose corn syrup.  Cranberry or cranapple is usually fine but be sure to read the nutritional label.  OJ works too.  Avoid coffee and power drinks-caffeine and sugar are the enemy.  That breakfast will provide you with the right stuff to supercharge your brain and not slow down your digestive system.

For your snack at break time, drink either water or appropriate fruit juice.  Nibble on some nuts and/or dried fruit.  Avoid chocolate and other high-sugar items like candy bars.

What you’ve heard about peppermint candies is a myth.

What do I recommend for lunch after the test?  Anything you want!  Go celebrate.  Treat yourself to your favorite “sin” food and cheer for the fact that it is all behind you.

For more “Words of Wiz-dom” on what to do the day before and morning of the test, watch Video #1.

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