Raising Test-Smart Children

Standardized tests have become a pervasive reality for American school children and they do better when parents become partners with the school in preparing them for this new world.   While conducting our high school parent programs, many participants have asked us what we recommended for them to do for their elementary and middle school kids.  Unfortunately, when we started looking around for materials that could help them what we found wasn’t very encouraging.  Everything we found was focused on how to read and do math but not on how to take tests.  So, we decided to get busy and develop an interactive, fun and informative book that will help parents who want to sit down with their child and help them become better standardized reading and math test takers.


  •  6 confidence-building “Keys to Test-Taking Success” that are thoroughly explained and supported by parent and student activities
  • Standardized tests are presented as games in which the opponent is the test writer.
  • The importance of focusing on the tricks and traps used by the test writer as the opponent is emphasized throughout the activities.
  • Over 120 pages filled with critical information for helping children become better test takers
  • 20 specific parent “To Do” actions that prepare you for understanding your child’s standardized test
  • A proven system for identifying and eliminating wrong answers on reading tests and picking the right one
  • A logical approach for attacking math word problems that helps test takers use their math knowledge
  • 70 productive test-taking “Key Ideas” to raise standardized test scores
  • 45 interactive, fully-scripted activities for parents to do with their children
  • An easy-to-learn approach for analyzing reading passages
  • A checklist for tracking your progress through the interactive activities
  • Web-based support through e-mail availability of the authors

About the Authors

After being a teacher and administrator,  a major change in focus occurred when Bob took a job for the largest test preparation company in the U.S.  After directing test prep centers, Bob started his own business in 1995, to consult with schools regarding the preparation of students for standardized tests.  After writing several books, conducting hundreds of workshops, and and helping thousands of high school students , he has reached out to a new audience—parents of elementary and middle school students and their children.

Sharon began her career as an English teacher and then became a school counselor, working with students in grades K-12.  She earned her Ph.D. at Florida State University in Family Relations.  For several years she worked at the national level on issues that are important families and their children.  Along the way, she  conducted research and published articles on child and family issues as well as co-authored a college textbook on family issues.  In 1997, she returned to the school level where she has worked with elementary school children and their families.  During the last several years, she has worked with high school students in achieving their dreams of attending college.

Bob and Sharon collaborated on this book from start to finish.  Bob created the first draft and Sharon restructured it to include sample conversations between parents and children and to present the materials as activities.  As Bob added his personal stories, creative examples, and interesting analogies, Sharon edited it several more times.  We hope you and your child(ren) have fun learning about and playing the testing game!

We are dedicated to making this a cost-effective investment in your child.  The price is only a $50.00 donation to our non-profit education charity, The Mary Alice Education Fund. We pay the shipping and handling!

We have put a value of $10.00 on the book.  Consult your tax adviser regarding how to claim a tax-deductible donation.

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— Bob and Sharon