Organizational Application

Supported by the Mary Alice Education Fund, the Wizard (Bob) and Dr. Sharon Alexander provide informational seminars for parents and students about the college application and admissions processes as well as the SAT and ACT tests. The program is available to schools, churches, and any other non-profit organization that serve eighth grade through high school students. Part of the program focuses on the SAT and ACT tests: how they are different, how they are used in the admissions and financial aid process, when to take them, test prep options, etc. The admissions portion of the presentation focuses on how a student develops an attractive application: coursework, test scores, extra-curricular activities, and essays.  We also present how students should go about identifying colleges that fit their preferences.  An additional popular topic is financial aid. One of the most interesting parts of the program is we describe the “Big Mistakes” that students and families must avoid when it comes to taking the tests and applying to college. This is always a highly interactive session during which the families are encouraged to raise the questions that are important to them.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of hosting “An Evening with the SAT/ACT and College Admissions” at your school or facility, please submit the application form below. It is easy to schedule a program in the central Florida area on fairly short notice. If you are somewhere else in the US, we can also come to you; it just takes more planning. We spend much of our time on the road and develop travel schedules in advance based on the requests of out-of-state organizations. Since 2010, we have traveled over 50,000 miles across America.

During the fall of 2022, we will be traveling from Florida to Michigan and coming back via Missouri.  We love zigzagging around the states on this general pathway; so, don’t prejudge that you are too off our planned route.

The best part is the program is free.  We raise money during the school year by providing college admissions and test prep services to students.  Their parents, in turn, make voluntary donations to our Mary Alice Fund if they have the means to do so.  In addition, we receive support from individual philanthropists and community organizations that believe in our cause.  We use their contributions to support our seminars and students who cannot otherwise afford test prep and college admissions coaching.

If our program is of interest and you would like more information, please follow the instructions below.


  1. Using Adobe Acrobat open and complete the Seminar Application or send an email using the form below.
  2. Save the completed application on your computer, and
  3. Attach the completed PDF application to using the form below and submit it.

We will respond to you as soon as possible and discuss possible dates.  We appreciate your interest.