Let’s begin preparing for the math tests with some review.  First I want you to learn a great way to attack word problems and to develop some quick techniques to outsmart the test writers.  I’m always surprised by some of the simple things that many students don’t remember because much of the math was learned (and forgotten) long ago.  So, everyone should at least skim through “Chapter 4: Basic Math Review” in the student manual.  If you need to sharpen up your math vocabulary, review basic concepts, practice some fraction exercises, or work on your basic algebra skills, this chapter will provide just the practice you need.  Definitely take the time to watch the videos.

If you do well in math and are already starting out with a SAT Math score of 600 or better or an ACT Math score of 26 or better, you could consider skipping the fraction and basic algebra videos.

Begin by printing the pdf file: Chapter 4. The Math Test Overview 6.7.16.