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The Wizard  believes that we should all figure out something we do extremely well, focus on it, and share our skills by helping others.  He is recognized world-wide as someone who can help you raise your SAT and ACT test scores.  He also believes that the College  Board and ACT have excellent websites with online registration and test date information.  This page is simply provided to assist you with navigating to the internet resources that you will find helpful.  He spends a lot of time on the net cruising   for information you will find helpful and these links are the best he has found.  If you would like to suggest any others, send me an email with a link.

IMPORTANT: Create a new/unique email address for registering for the following websites.  They have great information BUT some of them are merciless when it comes to spam.  You will begin receiving a truckload of emails some of which will be helpful but you don’t want it cluttering your day-to-day email account!

Here’s a link to a great website for doing some self assessment to decide what college majors may work for you and then you can find colleges that provide related programs.  One of our favorites.

Self- & College Exploration

Financial Aid: This is an exception to the email warning above.

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  SAT   Question of the Day
To see the question and College Board explanation, click   on the link above.  After you take a look at it, return to our home page and read the Wizard’s strategy for doing the question.  Often, my way is much easier and quicker than the College Board’s explanation.  In any event, you’ll learn strategies related to taking the test, not just the knowledge required to answer the question.