Math Diagnostic

The free Math Diagnostic allows you to evaluate yourself. It will help you determine your strengths and weaknesses and consequently which areas you need to focus on before taking the test.  It is the best place to begin before you do any of the math activities.  It will take you about an hour but can help you save many hours reviewing materials you know.  It will also help you discover things you think you know but you don’t!

Decide whether you want to take the SAT or the ACT math diagnostic (or both).  The ACT has everything that the SAT has and a few more questions for the unique math concepts that only show up on the ACT.  You will notice that these diagnostics don’t look very much like real SAT and ACT questions.  That’s because many students miss actual test questions when they know the math but don’t know how to use it the way the test writer thinks they should.  For example, I’ve seen many students miss questions about circles even though they know all the necessary formulas.  So, we’re going to begin by testing just your math skills.  Once we know the math skills that cause you problems, you’ll be able to focus on them.  Then you can practice the math skills as they will appear on the test.  This two-stage process is one of the reasons that my students have shown so much improvement.

After you finish the diagnostic, save a copy of your score report on your computer.  You should print a copy of your report so that you’ll have the list of your strengths and weaknesses.  From your computer you can use the hyperlinks on the report page to jump right to that part of the website that will review the concepts that need attention.

SAT Diagnostic Test

ACT Diagnostic Test