Chapter 10 Introduction

I know the ACT folks call this the “Science Test” but it is something else!  It doesn’t test your science knowledge: it measures how well you read, interpret, and apply data.  So, it is more about the scientific process than any facts you’ve learned in a science class.  In fact, since 2001, I’ve only seen two questions that required memorized scientific information and they were both on the same passage.  (Perhaps an impostor test writer sneaked a couple of questions into the test!)  So, I call it the “Science Reasoning Test.”  This section of the ACT is about how well you read and interpret data displays.  If you happen to be taking only the SAT, you should review it anyway.  The grammar, reading, and math sections of the SAT all require the same set of skills for the science materials on the SAT.

Be sure to print the pdf file and put it in your notebook.

10. Science Test 8.21.21 docx