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Bob has been a professional educator starting with teaching biology, becoming a school administrator, and then working as an education lobbyist in Washington, DC. He got his start in national testing by becoming a consulting test writer, later joining Kaplan as a director, and finally starting his own business in 1995. He has written numerous books, consulted for school districts and colleges, developed his website and been featured on a DVD set. He offers SAT and ACT prep classes and tutors individuals and small groups of students in central Florida.

Dec. 25 SAT & ACT Question of the Day Merry Christmas.  It looks like a lot of you got up early to see what Santa brought. This is a very common issue that is tested on both the SAT and ACT: subject/predicate (noun/verb) agreement.  When you are looking for errors and a verb is underlined, go back and find the subject.  Make sure that they are both singular or both plural.  The SAT and ACT test writers love to put a lot of "stuff," like they did in this sentence, after the subject and put the predicate later so that ... Read More »

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December 24 As usual, the topic of the sentence is the driving force.  For SAT Sentence Completion questions, you must start by asking, "If this were a topic sentence for a paragraph, what would the focus of the paragraph be?" This sentence focuses on how McCarthy stayed out of the public eye--"few people knew what he looked like or where he lived."  Even if you don't know the word reclusive, I bet you know some of the other words don't have any relationship with being secretive.  A, C, and D... Read More »

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