Dr. Alexander’s Bio

Dr. Alexander’s mission is to assist her students with identifying the best possible matches for students who aspire to attend 4-year colleges and universities throughout the US.

She has a unique background that allows her to help you develop a personalized approach to searching for and applying to college. She has developed and directed a very successful and acclaimed program that assisted high-performing students with being admitted to top-tier liberal arts colleges and universities. Many of her students have been “first-generation” college students and/or low-income.  She was elected to and has served on the College Board’s financial aid advisory council. Dr. Alexander has also presented at the College Board’s national conference on college admissions on the topic of “first-generation” students.

She has visited over 50 of the US News and World Report’s and Forbes Magazine’s top liberal arts colleges and universities from coast to coast and border to border. During her visits, she not only participated in the information sessions and campus tours but she also conducted private interviews with admissions officials at each of the institutions. Consequently, she has compiled a manual that profiles each of these institutions from an expert’s perspective.

Her students have been admitted to many of the top-tier national universities in the United States including: several Ivy League, MIT, Duke, Emory, Georgetown, Stanford, USC, Washington University in Saint Louis… Often the best match for students is a liberal arts college. Her students have been admitted to such prestigious schools such as: Hamilton, Williams, New College… Of course, students go on to public colleges and universities and she has helped her students with the admissions process for those institutions as well.

Her college coaching services include the full array of support that students need to navigate their way through the college admissions process. She begins with helping students find a list of schools that represent good matches and has been quite successful at assisting students with finding wonderful options that they didn’t even know that existed. Her services also include assisting the students with the application process and she is very effective with helping students develop their college admissions essays which are becoming increasingly important to colleges. (Interviews with admission’s officers, and her publishing background give her an amazing foundation for supporting you through this challenging process.) She has also helped many students with finding financial aid, making the final selection, beginning their lives away from home, etc.

If you happen to live in central Florida or plan a visit to the area, she can meet with you personally. However, she’s as close as your computer since she can also assist you via phone and/or Skype.

Dr. Alexander’s calendar stays quite full. If you believe she might be helpful, please complete the following application and send it as an attachment to an email. She will respond within a few days of its receipt.

College Admissions Program Application