About Us

The lead personnel for MaxTheTest.com are Bob and Dr. Sharon Alexander.  Bob is in charge of test prep and Sharon leads the college admissions programs.  To learn more about Sharon, please read her bio.

Bob Alexander, The Wizard, has been a teacher and educator since 1968. In 1991, he joined Kaplan Educational Centers as a director. School administrators who knew him encouraged him to share his expertise with teachers by offering teacher-training programs focused on raising standardized test scores. In 1995, he resigned from Kaplan to do teacher training and develop test preparation courses. The first one was for the SAT and the second was for the ACT. He has continually updated his courses as the tests have changed with the most recent version being for the current tests that were released in the 2015-16 school year.

The Wizard has retired from full-time consulting and offering classes. He and Dr. Alexander spend a great deal of time operating and providing services through their non-profit organization, the Mary Alice Fund. Their charitable mission primarily involves providing free seminars for parents and teens about the college admissions process, financial aid, and test-taking skills. They also provide assistance for individual students.

The Wizard is most proud of the changes he has made in students’ lives. They have been admitted to numerous state universities and most of the elite private universities throughout the United States. His students are now giving back through their careers including teaching, financial investing, practicing law, providing health care, developing computer programs, etc. In addition, through his efforts with high school athletes, countless students have received athletic scholarships and 15 of his students have played in the NBA.

His personal time is spent with his family and hobbies: fishing and traveling!  He also likes to read novels and volunteer in his community.

Bob Alexander and Dr. Sharon Alexander
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