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The lead personnel for MaxTheTest.com are Bob and Dr. Sharon Alexander.  Bob is in charge of  test prep and Sharon leads the college admissions programs.  To learn more about Sharon, please read her bio.

Bob Alexander, The Wizard, has been a teacher and educator since 1968. In 1991, he joined Kaplan Educational Centers as a director. School administrators who knew him encouraged him to share his expertise with teachers by offering teacher-training programs focused on raising standardized test scores. In 1995, he resigned from Kaplan to do teacher training and develop test preparation courses. The first one was the SAT and the second was the ACT.  Schools that have replaced the Kaplan program with Demystifying the Tests have reported much better results for far less money.

In 1998, he published his first preparation book for the high school FCAT (Florida’s required graduation test).  Since then he has developed books for the elementary and middle school FCAT tests.  Schools have experienced greatly improved student scores and school ratings when they use his program.  During the 2005-06 school year, over 95% of the schools who used his program either raised their grade at least one level or maintained an “A” rating.  Additionally, his schools received over $19 in state bonus funds for every dollar they invested in his training services and materials.  He has recently retired from providing FCAT consulting.

The Wizard spends most of his time doing teacher training, helping schools raise their standardized test scores, conducting SAT/ACT prep classes, and tutoring individuals and small groups of students. The rest of his professional time is spent developing written materials and improving this website which helps students raise their scores.  (If you have any ideas about how to make it better, send him an e-mail.)  In addition, he and Sharon spend a great deal of time operating and providing free services through their non-profit organization, the Mary Alice Fund.

“The Wizard” became his company logo in 1995.  It came from a comment by a student who said that he was able to raise her score so much that he must be magic; he must be a real “wizard.”  In 1997, a student drew The Wizard for him and he has put a wizard on his materials ever since.

His personal time is spent with his family and hobbies: fishing and taking standardized tests!  He also likes to read novels and volunteer in his community.

The Wizard is always happy to receive e-mails from students and adults throughout the world and he replies to them as soon as possible.

The information and recommendations contained in these materials have been compiled from sources believed to be reliable and to represent the best current opinion and practices on the subject.  No warranty, guarantee, or representation is made by MaxTheTest.com, Inc. or its associates and/or affiliates as to the absolute correctness or sufficiency of any representation contained in these materials, and MaxTheTest.com, Inc. and its associates and/or affiliates assume no responsibility in connection therewith, neither can it be assumed that all information needed to succeed with the SAT and/or ACT are contained in these materials, nor can it be assumed that other or additional instruction will not be required under particular or exceptional conditions or circumstances.

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