Chapter 5 Introduction

This chapter is about applying basic math principles: ratios, proportions, percents, probability, etc.  Because the test writers require you to apply them in a real-world situation, everything boils down to word problems.  Make sure you have worked on the Wizard’s Word Problem Strategy, Managing Your Time, and the Wizard’s Tips and Tricks.  They will help you conquer these questions.  The most important ingredient for your success will be practice even though you may think you are a master at these math principles.  You will find “turning the math crank” for these questions fairly simple but translating the information in the word problem into a math equation will be the challenge.  Your calculator won’t be much help if you don’t set up the problem properly; so, don’t rely on it to solve the problem.  Set up the problem first and then use your calculator if you need it.

Be sure to print out the related pdf file for Chapter 5. Analyzing data 3.30.16.